Jim Holman is


"I admit, other than those rather annoying survey and robo calls, with certain biases built in, no one I have voted for has ever asked my opinion. It's like they love me during their campaign and don't know me when they get into office.  I want to do that differently. I want to be reachable. I want to communicate better than it's been done in the past. That's why I'm giving out my cell phone number in addition to the standard email and social media contacts. If I am going to represent the voters, they need to be able to connect with me. After all, it's more than lip service on the issues, it's the specificity of what is important to us all about those issues. You need to talk and be heard.  I need to listen. Giving access to the phone is a step up in doing that, and doing it well. The voters are absolutely in control. That's why I always say, 'your vote matters'."               

Jim Holman


SAFETY: Support the best partnerships possible with the 2200 members of our police and fire departments in keeping our neighborhoods safe

SCHOOLS: Seek, identify and execute every opportunity to augment the OKC School Board's challenge to making schools better for its 46,000 students

STREETS: Progress has been made lately, but there is a number of chug holes that still need repair. It's a continual job, can't just set it and forget it.

SOCIAL ECONOMICS: This is a big one. Whether it's jobs, the homeless, gangs, drugs, mental health and the list goes on. We have to go beyond lip service and find solutions to these issues that can erode away the progress of our city's renaissance.

SECTORIZATION PREVENTION: Ok everyone knows that the Renaissance has not reached every sector of the city. OK maybe total parity in every sector is not possible, but some areas need better representation. In Ward 6, particularly south of the Oklahoma River seems to have been forgotten. Going forward, we need to change that.


for City Council Ward 6