Elect Jim Holman

for Oklahoma City Council - Ward 6

November 13, 2018  – Jim Holman has announced his campaign to run for the Oklahoma City Council Ward 6 seat being vacated by Councilwoman Meg Salyer. 

Holman says: "The upcoming  Ward 6 vacancy gives me the opportunity to serve our city. OKC has been very good to me and I would like to give back. I can't think of a better way than to serve on the City Council. Our city's renaissance has been amazing, but the cool thing is there is more to come. We have a new mayor, and he is awesome, MAPS 4 has already begun ramping up, soon there will be a new city manager and several new city council members.  Every citizen, every voter and member of our city government has both the ability and the responsibility to stay the course...keep the renaissance alive and, frankly, don't mess it up. You know, it's one thing to get there and another to stay.

I am confident that, though I am not a politician nor have political ambitions beyond serving our city, if elected, I will use my long time business experience and skill sets to connect you, the voter, to what is happening in our city.

That is why I want the job. I want to assume the responsibility that comes with it.  I want to listen to you and really hear what you have to say, because YOUR VOTE MATTERS. And, to make sure of that, I am asking you to vote for me!"

On February 12, 2019 vote for
Jim Holman for Oklahoma City Council
Ward 6